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Modern day estate planning is more than simply making a Will. Let O’Hearn Lawyers help you.

Our estate planning lawyers are experts in helping you build a robust legal framework around your estate plan, one that allows you to achieve your objectives and makes sure your wealth isn’t dissipated by unnecessary tax liabilities, business risks or family law property settlements.

Estate Planning

Complex law issues such as Estate Planning need to be dealt with accurately to ensure they are distributed the way the owner intends/intended. O’Hearn Lawyers have the expertise in Estate Planning law to work with you to achieve the desired outcome.


Wills & Testamentary Trusts

We are able to assist you in preparation of complex and simple Wills. We obtain a full picture of your assets, liabilities and wishes, to make sure your Will does what you need it to. If you die without a Will or leave an invalid Will, it can result in more stress for those you leave behind and can also mean that your wishes are not carried out.

If you’d like to secure your assets and provide a means of tax minimisation for your beneficiaries, a testamentary trust may be an option for you. The process can be quite complex, however we’ll take you through the steps and benefits of a testamentary trust within your legal rights.

Powers of Attorney and Appointments of Enduring Guardian

We’re able to assist you with appointing a Power of Attorney, who can look after your financial needs on your behalf and also an Enduring Guardian, who will look after you medical needs. O’Hearn Lawyers can help you with guardianship or financial management orders where a person does not have a Power of Attorney or Enduring Guardian set up. Those orders then enable the holder to make decision on behalf of another person about lifestyle matters.

Superannuation and Binding Death Benefit Nominations

These days, most of us own a super fund and unfortunately it often gets overlooked when writing a Will. Superannuation is only dealt with by your Will if the trustee elects to pay it to your estate or alternatively directly from the fund to your dependents, without going through your estate.

Probate and Estate administration and Deceased Estates

O’Hearn Lawyers can support you with deceased estates, probate & administration. A grant of probate is issued to the executor(s) named in the current Will left by the deceased. Letters of administration are issued when the deceased person has not made a Will. In most instances the grant is made to the closest surviving next of kin of the deceased. A grant of probate or letters of administration are often necessary to allow the deceased’s estate to be distributed to their beneficiaries.

Business Succession Planning and Corporate Powers of Attorney

O’Hearn Lawyers have knowledge and experience setting up business succession plans for many different business structures and can also assist with preparation of corporate Powers of Attorney. We can help you develop a plan to make sure you’re organised for the expected and of course, unexpected.

Our People

At O'Hearn Lawyers, our people are important to the success of our clients. Our Partners and staff are committed to providing the best legal service to achieve all you need to for a positive outcome.

What our clients say

O’Hearn Lawyers have been a fixture in the Newcastle community for over three decades.

From our humble beginnings in September 1988 on Nelson Street, Wallsend, our family company has grown exponentially over the years.

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Ben & the team at O’Hearn Lawyers are not only legally competent and commercially savvy but they are friendly, fast & efficient. I use Ben & his team for Estate Planning, Conveyancing Service, Business related documentation including Buy Sell Agreements, Partnership & Lease Agreements. I have no hesitation in referring family, friends and clients to O’Hearn Lawyers.

Rating : 5

As an experienced senior corporate insolvency and turnaround expert I have a high demand for timely and accurate commercial legal advice. Over the last several years or so, I have on a number of occasions engaged Ben O’Hearn from O’Hearn Lawyers to provide specialist commercial legal advice and represent me when necessary. I have found Ben to be accessible, hands on with his team crafting practical and sound legal solutions, and responsive to my urgent enquiry. Ben and his team are also prepared to work with you to ensure OHL’s legal fees represent value for money. I highly recommend Ben O’Hearn to anyone looking for a good honest commercial lawyer, whether it be a one-off transaction, or to become part of your trusted circle of advisers.

Rating : 5

Leah is fantastic, she is very knowledgeable and experienced and made the process very easy from start to finish. Recommended.

Loans Manager
Rating : 5

"I've used O'Hearn Lawyers for my business for many years now, and though our contact is infrequent, my experience has always been positive. What I appreciate most is their 'real world' advice, rather than advice that simply increases their own billable hours. They're highly experienced and excellent at what they do, but they're rational and honest also, and I always feel they have our best interests at heart."

Business Owner
Rating : 5

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Leah Reynolds on a couple of occasions now. I would never consider anybody else. Leah is incredibly efficient and diligent in her work and makes what can potentially be a stressful process, incredibly stress free. I have recommended Leah on numerous occasions to friends and colleagues.

Conveyancing Client
Rating : 5

Recently I was in need of legal advice and a friend referred me to Maryanne McGrath. Maryanne was very helpful in my matter and took considerable time to work through all aspects of my problem. With her advice I was able to make a decision regarding my enquiry. I feel that the decision I made was an informed one and covered all of my concerns. I found Maryanne to be very professional in her approach to me and my matter. She also took the time to listen and discuss all of my concerns. Nothing was rushed and I was given time to feel comfortable with my decision. Also during the course of our meetings, several other issues arose and we were able to address those as well. Thank you Maryanne.

Mr and Mrs Bartlett
Happy Clients
Rating : 5

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Legal help, without the confusion.

The law is complex and it can be confusing and intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be. We understand the detail and we’re able to tailor a strategic approach and deliver legal advice to meet your specific needs.

From Wills & Conveyancing to Commercial Law, at O’Hearn Lawyers we’re on your side.

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