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We have the legal expertise to support you in divorce, separation, parenting disputes, property settlements and more.

Sometimes relationships break down. When these relationships become irreparable, you may need family law help with divorce, parenting/child custody disputes, property settlements and trying to find a way to work co-operatively with your former partner or spouse.

Sometimes it’s another person like a grandparent, or a step-parent who may need assistance with child custody, or there are more complex issues of paternity. We are able to assist no matter how complicated your circumstances are.

At O’Hearn Lawyers we understand it can often be a distressing time for families. Our focus is to move matters along as quickly as possible to avoid further stress on family members. We have the best interests of the children and our clients in mind and will work to the best of our ability to achieve the desired resolution, by negotiation and / or mediation, without it reaching court if possible. If, however, we do need to proceed with court appearances we are here to support you every step of the way.



Obtaining a legal divorce is often a simple matter. If the parties have been separated for over a year and have no children, it can be quite straightforward. If you have children under 18, or are separated under one roof, or have been married for less than two years, there are additional steps that have to be taken. We are able to assist you, and appear on your behalf where necessary, to finalise your divorce and help you achieve closure.

Property Settlement

If you have separated and are looking to move forward with a property settlement agreement, we are able to help. We are able to assist with all family law property settlements, including de facto property settlements and the most complex of situations. There are strict property settlement time limits which can apply. We will make sure that you are aware of the limits and how to make the most of your situation. If you are unable to come to an agreement, we are also able to assist with making an application to the relevant Court to obtain Family Law Orders for the division of your assets and liabilities. We can also assist with spousal maintenance and private child support arrangements.

Parenting/Child Custody

Although Australian Courts no longer call it child custody, at O’Hearn Lawyers we can help you navigate the anxiety and child custody arrangements that often come with separation. We will help you understand your parenting rights and obligations, the child’s rights, and your child custody options. In most situations, we will be able to assist you to reach an agreement, but if no agreement can be reached, we can assist you with applying for child custody/parenting orders. We can also assist people who, although they are not a parent, care for the child as a parent does, be they a grandparent, step-parent, or other person interested in the child’s wellbeing.

Pre-nuptial Agreements

Pre-nuptial agreements, or pre-nups, are legally referred to as Binding Financial Agreements. These can be put in place to protect the wealth of a member of a couple as they enter into a new relationship, whether it be before living together or before marriage. We have the experience to guide you and make sure the agreement is binding.


Ensuring you have a surrogacy agreement in place can ensure a successful interchange between surrogate and new parent. We can help navigate and advise you throughout the process and onto a successful surrogacy.


There are many options for same sex couples for beginning their legal marriage or starting their own families, as well as other family issues affecting the LGBTIQ+ community including parenting disputes, property settlements and Binding Financial Agreements.

Our People

At O'Hearn Lawyers, our people are important to the success of our clients. Our Partners and staff are committed to providing the best legal service to achieve all you need to for a positive outcome.

What our clients say

O’Hearn Lawyers have been a fixture in the Newcastle community for over three decades.

From our humble beginnings in September 1988 on Nelson Street, Wallsend, our family company has grown exponentially over the years.

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I thank the team at O’Hearn Lawyers: notably Leah, for her outstanding customer service. Leah went above and beyond to ensure all our needs were met. The team at O’Hearn Lawyers, as a whole, are very friendly and accommodating in a very stressful and demanding time for us and their professionalism, commitment and reassurance ensured the process went smoothly, stress free and ensured all our requirements were met. Thank you so much for everything you have done!

Kent and Kirsty
First Home Buyers
Rating : 5

Leah is fantastic, she is very knowledgeable and experienced and made the process very easy from start to finish. Recommended.

Loans Manager
Rating : 5

O’Hearn Lawyers have impressed me with their practical and commercial approach to commercial and residential property development and conveyancing. They are a pleasure to deal with and consistently communicate to keep me up to date. I look forward to working with them in the future.

Real Estate Agent
Rating : 5

"I found O'Hearn Lawyers to be easy and quick in responding to my case. I'm glad I found them, they went over and above to get a great outcome and I can't recommend them enough!"

Rating : 5

"I've used O'Hearn Lawyers for my business for many years now, and though our contact is infrequent, my experience has always been positive. What I appreciate most is their 'real world' advice, rather than advice that simply increases their own billable hours. They're highly experienced and excellent at what they do, but they're rational and honest also, and I always feel they have our best interests at heart."

Business Owner
Rating : 5

I highly recommend Maryanne for Family Law matters. At all times I was well informed and felt comfortable talking to her about my situation. She was extremely helpful and very understanding.

Happy Client
Rating : 5

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