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By Leah Thorpe and Leah Reynolds

When buying or selling property, careful planning taking into account all of your circumstances is key. O’Hearn Lawyers ensure our clients take a comprehensive legal planning approach when dealing with real estate. By combining the specialised knowledge of our licensed conveyancer together with the broad knowledge of our property lawyers, we can be certain that every property transaction is tailored to suit your needs – even those which you may not have yet considered. 

Buying and selling real estate isn’t just about property. Done properly, it takes into account issues of ownership structure, timing, asset protection, giving effect to accounting strategies, estate planning, and broadly ensuring that the property transaction helps you meet your long-term goals. O’Hearn Lawyers are also able to offer assistance in property matters with unique challenges or unexpected problems that may arise with the support of our commercial and litigation teams. 

Our property law and conveyancing team is an outstanding group of friendly, approachable and commercially savvy individuals who have a wealth of property law experience.

Such experience enables O’Hearn Lawyers to offer a range of property law services including:  

  • Residential & Commercial Property: The sale and purchase of all Torrens Title, Strata Title, Community Title and Neighbourhood Precinct properties including complex rural and other unique properties
  • Retail and Commercial Leasing: All aspects of retail and commercial leasing including negotiation, drafting, review, variation, transfer, registration, surrender and exercise of options
  • Mortgage and Loan Facilities: Preparation of documents required to establish loan facilities together with the required associated documents to effectively secure your interests under the same
  • Developments- ‘Off the Plan’ Contracts: Assistance for developers which focuses on a range of matters including; plan preparation, drafting of 88B Instruments and associated dealings, By-Law creation and compliance with disclosure requirements
  • Revenue NSW Applications: All applications to Revenue NSW involving transfer duty, concessions, exemptions and/or refund applications for individuals, companies and corporate structures
  • Related Party Transfers: All transfers between parties which may arise as a result of a deceased estate administration, family law separation or general restructuring
  • Retirement living: Providing advice to people who are considering moving into a retirement village or aged care facility on the various documents and obligations that arise out of them 

It is not immediately apparent, but consideration often needs to be given to other areas of law when dealing with real estate. Carefully considering such matters ensures that you have the most advantageous ownership structure in place which takes into account your estate planning goals and asset protection strategies, whilst implementing your accounting intentions at an early stage. In most cases, it is too late to address these issues after the fact and you may find that you have missed out.

Not only does our firm have a strong property law team, O’Hearn Lawyers can continue to assist you in many other areas of law including Family Law, Wills and Estate Planning, Commercial Law, Litigation and general Dispute Resolution.

When you find yourself buying or selling your next property, consider the value of engaging a law firm and engage O’Hearn Lawyers.


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