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Parenting Arrangements for Separated Parents during COVID-19

Are you a separated parent who has Court Orders setting out the arrangements for the care of your child?

Parenting Orders (whether put in place by consent, or after a Court case), are enforceable and there can be consequences if you do not comply with them.  However, social distancing restrictions imposed as a result of COVID-19 can make it difficult or near impossible to comply with such Orders. This may be even more relevant if you feel that you, or a member of your household, may be particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 and do not wish to expose your household to heightened risks.

If you do not follow your Parenting Orders, the other parent might bring a Contravention Application to the Court seeking enforcement of the Orders.  Penalties can be imposed in some situations.

Often, parents participate in Parenting Mediation and try to resolve the dispute before embarking upon costly Court applications.

If you are having difficulty complying with your Parenting Orders, or you are concerned the Court Orders do not work in this COVID-19 environment, contact our Family Law team below to discuss your individual situation and to explore practical solutions.


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