Phil O'Hearn and Cameron Bilinsky commenced practice as O'Hearn & Bilinsky Solicitors and Conveyancers at 104 Nelson Street Wallsend in September 1988. Both Phil and Cameron had worked for other law firms in the Newcastle Region previously and when they decided to commence practice on their own account, Wallsend appeared to be the logical location.

The practice commenced with the two partners and Mrs Kay O'Hearn, Phil's mother being the first receptionist / typist. Like all new ventures it was uncertain whether the venture would prosper or not. Happily the practice did prosper and additional premises were required. The practice continued to occupy the 1st Level of 104 Nelson Street and expanded into the 1st Level of 108-110 Nelson Street. In November 2003 further extensions were done to the premises at 108-110 Nelson Street to accommodate the growth in the practice.

In August 2006 the practice was relocated to 2nd Level, 84 Nelson Street Wallsend in new purpose built office premises with the lower levels of the building being occupied by other enterprises.. On the 1st Level of the building the Attorney General's Office of New South Wales conducts a Court Registry. It is the first such privately owned premises in which a Court Registry has operated in New South Wales in its present format. Denis Hunt and Associates Civil Engineers occupy the remaining portion of the 1st Level.

In July 2007 Ben O'Hearn and George Maggiotto became partners of the firm. The practice then consisting of 4 partners and 15 other lawyers and support staff.

In September 2011 Cameron Bilinsky left the practice. Phil O'Hearn, Ben O'Hearn and George Maggiotto continued to practise as O'Hearn and Bilinsky Lawyers.

In April 2012 O'Hearn & Bilinsky Lawyers became known as O'Hearn Lawyers and continues to practise from Level 2, 84 Nelson Wallsend.